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Keep your personal treasures safe

Store your hard drives, sentimental items, valuables, important paperwork and more. For pennies a day you can protect your valuables in a safe deposit box.

Box SizeRate (Annual Rental)
3” x 5”$35
5” x 5”
3” x 10”
5” x 10”
7” x 10”
10” x 10”
For availability details, visit any one of these locations or call 703-788-4800.
Fairfax CornerSterling
GainesvilleSudley Manor
Lake RidgeWoodbridge

Safe deposit box contents are not insured by either Apple FCU or the National Credit Union Association (NCUA). Law enforcement, FEMA, and the AARP (among others) recommend a safe deposit box as the best solution for storing your most valuable items. You may want to add a scheduled personal property endorsement to your homeowners or renters insurance to make sure you are covered. You should also photograph and keep an inventory of your stored items and keep this list in a separate location.