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Teachers, get paid all summer long

If you’re a teacher worrying about how you’ll make it through the summer without a paycheck, consider opening Summer Pay.

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Account Perks 


Earn a Premium Dividend Rate


Customize your allotment and enjoy flexible payout options


Receive email account notifications


Enjoy one FREE early withdrawal (per calendar year)


Set it and forget it with automatic renewal

It’s easy to qualify for Summer Pay

  • Be a school system employee of an affiliated district
  • Have an Apple Checking account
  • Have a Direct Deposit of at least $1,000 monthly OR your net pay into an Apple account 
  • Have a valid email address.

Enroll in Summer Pay

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How do I start my Summer Pay account

Before opening the account, think about how much you’re going to need in the summer. Once you determine what works for you, use our calculator to determine your ideal savings amount.

Things to Consider:

  • Choose an amount (up to $1,000 per month) to be transferred from each payroll deposit (transfer made on the last day of the month), based on the amount you'd like to receive June-August. 
    • Note: You may change your allotment at any time. Your first early withdrawal is FREE; all subsequent early withdrawals result in a fee. 
  • Choose when you're paid. 
    • Lump Sum Payment – This option allows you to receive ALL of your funds in the Apple account of choice in one payment. 
    • Biweekly or Monthly Payment – Elect to mirror traditional pay schedules by having biweekly OR monthly payments transferred to your Apple account of choice. 
Summer Pay Calculator

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